Friday, December 2

Greater Houston German Shepherd Dog Rescue

Something I've been working on for a good cause! Come on out to the Boneyard Drinkery tomorrow and buy some Christmas cards with this image. And while you're at it - have a few beers!!

Everything raised will be benefiting the Greater Houston German Shepherd Dog Rescue, and it's great cause. The event will start around noon with lots of games and of course, an auction!

My wonderful girlfriend Amy and I are excited to see you!

Thursday, November 3

Behind you!

This is just an experiment I was doing with minimalism. Only a few colors and a few objects!

Thursday, October 27

Axolotl in the Ocean

An illustration I've been working on for the last week!

Sunday, October 23


A sort of follow up to the BBQ Illustration, also drawn about a year ago... and FINALLY colored.

Wednesday, October 19


Something I drew long ago that I FINALLY decided to color.


This was done awhile ago but I needed to add it!

Tuesday, October 18

Medical Illustrations

Medical Illustrations used in conjunction with a trial. 

Four medical illustrations. The amount of frustration when designing these is hard to describe! I had to draw and redraw each of these images a good three or four times each. Along with four other separate illustrations that weren't even used. :( BUT luckily these illustrations assisted in winning an important court case!

This is one of the illustrations that didn't cut it. I was told the wrong part of the spine to draw! But it's still a pretty picture :) If I can find the others I'll add them here as well!

Thursday, September 1

Circus Circus!

The boredom one endures when watching a film on cubism from the 60's... This was during drawing class about a year ago! No particular meaning, but I hope someone out there likes it!

Crumpled Paper for Drawing Class

Turtle with Mushrooms on His Back

Mouse on a Pennyfarthing!

Bottom of the Sea